• Oleg Alentiev

The webinar with the coach of London Arsenal Oleg Alentiev was held this week.

A major part of the discussion covered the technical aspect of the children’s football. For example, how to teach kids at an early age to be team players, while they don’t like sharing the ball, how to improve at the initial stage the technique of passing the ball, what drills does Oleg practise on his trainings to develop agility.

Oleg also mentioned the issue of interaction between children on the pitch. In the 3-6 age group the coach needs to identify the leader and periodically stand him out so that other kids take their cue from this sportsman. The figure of the leader will provide a vivid example of the fact that a person of the same age and physique is able to perform the exercises given on the training perfectly well.

Kids who don’t attend kindergarten for some reasons need a personal attention. The coach has to introduce such a kid to the team and be sure the group accepts him. Once being in a psychologically comfortable environment on the pitch he will be able to train successfully.

The burning issue is how to tick up a talented kid (aged 8-10). Oleg provided practical guidelines: first of all, a talented in football terms child is aimed at success, secondly, he quickly corrects the mistakes pointed out by his coach, and thirdly, are his speed features. Not to ruin a gifted child´s talent the coach should not overindulge himself in praising nor should he reprimand the kid in front of the whole team. Oleg recommends a personal approach: some feel motivated when the coach fails in overpraising, and then the young sportsman works harder to get the approval of the coach. Another kid trains harder when he hears positive comments on him.

Football school ‘Junior’ will proceed inviting professional children’s coaches from abroad to participate in webinars. Keep informed!